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Benefits of the LockLatch 

Because of the unique, patented design, there are many benefits that are unique to LockLatch and not offered by other security solutions. In fact, because the range consists of three security device variations, namely, the LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch, each device has its own unique benefits. These can be broad and wide-ranging due to the unsurpassed versatility of the device, so let’s take a deeper look.


Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pets Access, as a Window Restrictor and Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Security.
LockLatch™ adjusts between 9cms to 17cms [3.6” to 6.7”]


The perfect Pet Door alternative for small to medium sized dogs.
PetLatch™ adjusts between 14.5cms to 23cms [5.7” to 9”]


Let fresh air in, keep opportunistic intruders out. Also good for keeping unwanted critters and animal pests out and indoor cats in.
MiniLatch™ adjusts between 4.5cms to 8cms [1.8” and 3.1”]

Open windows and doors, but locked

The LockLatch range is primarily intended to add yet another layer of security to your windows and doors. However, where LockLatch diverges from similar products is that it allows you to lock your windows and doors while leaving them open. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits that come from open windows and doors without compromising on you and your family’s safety. Open windows and doors mean better ventilation and fewer allergens in the home, and also provide easy pet access, to name just a few advantages.

C304 Stainless Steel

One of the major reasons why the LockLatch range is so tough is because no compromise is made when it comes to the materials used to manufacture each device. LockLatch is made entirely out of C304 stainless steel, which means it is strong enough to keep opportunistic thieves and burglars out. This metal is also highly resistant to corrosion and will be able to survive prolonged exposure to the elements without rusting.


The major contributor to LockLatch’s versatility is the adjustable stainless steel arm. This allows the size of the opening to be changed according to the style of door or window and the unique needs of the homeowner. The three different LockLatch devices also provide a range of opening sizes. The MiniLatch (4.5 – 8cm) allows for small openings, the LockLatch (9 – 17cm) allows for medium-sized openings, and finally, the PetLatch (14.5 – 23cm) allows for larger openings.

Securing your home

Aside from the secondary benefits already mentioned, LockLatch is a great addition to your existing home security strategy. Good home security is about adding layers of protection, with each new layer making it harder for an opportunistic intruder to enter your space. Because the LockLatch is able to work with and augment existing security measures, it is the perfect way to add these extra layers.

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Pet access Alternative 

Traditional dog doors and cat flaps are so pervasive that it can be difficult to even find alternatives. However, these old standards come with a host of issues including the need to permanently damage your door, by cutting a hole in it, as well as the time and effort required to train your cat or dog if they aren’t used to using them. LockLatch and PetLatch both provide an excellent pet access alternative. The best part is that you can adjust the size of the opening as your pet grows and they can be fitted onto their preferred access point which negates the need for training.

Upper floor safety restrictor 

The MiniLatch in particular is a great way for the parents of young children to reduce the chances of injury from falls. This is particularly relevant to homes with upper story windows that are required for ventilation and ensures that these windows can now be kept open without the risk of harm to children.

Secure caravans 

LockLatch was originally designed for use on boats where there were few security options available for the unusual door types and hatches. This means it is also the perfect device for securing your caravan as the inherent versatility of the device allows it to be installed on any type of caravan window or door. This is a great way to supplement the existing door and window catches, as well as providing ventilation on those hot summer days and nights. 

Home ventilation  

The greatest benefit of being able to keep your doors and windows open is improved ventilation. Having fresh air in the home not only improves the general health of all occupants but can lead to better sleep and better cognitive functioning during the day. Adequate ventilation also means that there is less build-up of contaminants such as pollen, mould and pollution inside the home.

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Types of LockLatch devices

The LockLatch range consists of three devices, and while the central design for all three is essentially the same, the different sizes make each device suited to more specialised security uses.

The Original Locklatch

The original LockLatch is a truly versatile solution, which allows for an opening of 9 – 17 cm, which makes it ideal for a number of uses including general ventilation as well as providing access for your cat. While the original is the right choice for most needs the other two options are more specialised.


PetLatch allows for an opening of between 17.5 – 23 cm making it the perfect pet door alternative for small to medium-sized dogs. The size of the opening can be tailored to the size of your dog and adjusted as they grow.


The MiniLatch features an adjustable opening of between 4.5 – 8 cm which is small enough to prevent even indoor cats and small children from getting in or out. This makes the MiniLatch the perfect choice for keeping an indoor cat inside; childproofing your windows; or keeping pests from entering your home.

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